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Enlightening Members through Jagruthi

GFSPL has been successful in creating awareness on issues like health, education, Insurance, livelihoods and the ways and means of procuring benefits from Government and other service based organizations. We went a step ahead with our new program called “Jagruthi”. A versatile program that aimed at covering important aspects of life. Jagruthi aimed at creating awareness among the members and persuade them to take necessary action.Through our surveys we found that members were interested in issues that were related to education and health. Surveys indicated that were a huge demand for issues related to life and community.To start with a pilot study was launched. Kaggalipura branch was selected for the pilot study. Today Jagruthi is implemented in 68 branches of GFSPL and 1, 94,000 clients have benefited from this program.Jagruthi has a theme. All activities are centered on this theme. These themes can also have sub-themes. Using various different methodology and medium a key message would be delivered to the audiences. Training materials and sessions were designed by the customer awareness team.People who work actively with Jagruthi are the Regional Managers, Branch Managers and Kendra Managers. These three roles have their own set of responsibilities. From continuously coaching and mentoring the Kendra Managers for Jagruthi, the Regional Managers and Branch Managers involve greatly in this program. They suggest themes and help in localizing the content. The Regional Manager/ Branch Managers also suggest the themes and interest of customer for following month's themes.Kendra Managers have a very crucial role to play in Jagruthi. They have specific instruction on asking questions and waiting for the responses. Kendra Managers can ask questions only at the end of the meeting. These questions should be asked exactly as mentioned in the annexure. This annexure will be used for the whole week for each center meeting. It's Kendra Managers task to read Jagruthi's letter to the customer every week. Kendra Managers also have to observe the reaction and response of the customer. These observations will be recorded in the space provided at the end of each day. Finally these observations will be rated and will be sent back.Various topics dealt with Jagruthi include health management, money management, water and sanitation, savings and many more. Jagruthi today has 64 branches in 17 districts. With 9301 kendras, Jagruthi has a total of 1,96,489 members and we are still counting.

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