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Grameen Koota started its humble journey in the year 1999 setting up the first Centre (Kendra) at Avalahalli village in the outskirts of Bangalore. Soon, it began to expand in nearby areas starting with the opening of the first branch in Kanakpura area. Later, Grameen Koota ventured into all 30 districts of Karnataka and currently, it has 158 branches in the state, with the highest concentration of customers at 902,465 compared to any other microfinance institution.


In 2007, Grameen Koota got converted into an NBFC with its roots well established in Karnataka. When time came for expansion into other states, Grameen Koota decided to enter into neighbouring Maharashtra providing similar services to the rural and unbanked people in the state. In 2008, Grameen Koota opened its first branch in Kolhapur and never looked back in its journey. Currently, it has 123 branches in 26 districts of the state serving 493,322 customers.

Tamil Nadu

After having a good hold over the areas of its operation in Maharashtra, Grameen Koota turned its attention to another neighbouring state – Tamil Nadu. In 2009, Grameen Koota initiated its operations in the state by opening its first branch in Hosur, located near Bangalore geographically. Grameen Koota has 37 branches in 11 districts of Tamil Nadu and the number of customers as of November 2016 is 87,375.

Madhya Pradesh

In 2015, Grameen Koota made one of the crucial decisions to expand beyond the neighbouring states and two states which had relatively many poor and low income households attracted its attention -- Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Grameen Koota opened 10 branches initially in the southern-most districts of Madhya Pradesh and currently, it has 53 branches operating in 19 districts. The number of customers in Madhya Pradesh reached 111,846 as of November 2016.


In the same year 2015, Grameen Koota decided to enter Chhattisgarh, a state with huge rural population who had relatively less access to banks and financial services. Initially, Grameen Koota opened 5 branches in three districts of Rajnandgaon, Durg and Balod, which has grown to 10 districts with 16 branches operating in the state. The number of customers in Chhattisgarh reached 21,775 as of November 2016.

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