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Life Insurance

Grameen Koota has tied up with three insurance service providers i.e. Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited and Kotak Life Insurance Company Limited, to cover its members and their spouses under group term life Insurance. Maximum insurance of Rs 45,000/- is provided to both member and spouse. 


National Pension Scheme (NPS) – Swavalamban

Launched in 2009 by Government of India, the National Pension Scheme from PFRDA made way for every working citizen of India to save part of their income for their pension. To extend the coverage of NPS to the weaker and economically disadvantaged sections of the society with their limited investment potential, NPS- Swavalamban (Lite) was launched which promotes small savings during their productive life, in order to prevent economic deprivation in later stages of their lives.

As an aggregator of the National Pension Scheme (NPS), Grameen Koota collects contribution amount from our customers during the weekly centre/ Kendra meetings.This initiative not only saves time and money of our clients, who otherwise would have had to travel to the nearest NPS aggregators who are mostly located in urban/semi urban areas, it makes them aware of the available facilities that our Government provides.

The scheme does not require any mandatory monthly/yearly deposits. The amount can be decided as per the financial capacity of the member. Continued investment in the scheme will help our clients earn a decent pension in the future. To ensure that they understood the product and its benefits completely before they decide to enrol for the same Grameen Koota has designed a Training sessions for them.

Healthcare Program

As a part of its Social Goal, Grameen Koota, in collaboration with M.D. Sachidananda Murthy Hospitals, offers its clients with Health insurance, under which along with the clients their family members are also covered.

This program facilitates with quality medical consultancy at low cost along with cashless in-patient treatment in network hospitals to its clients and their family members, thereby improving their access to quality medical services & improving health standards.

In all the Network Hospitals across Karnataka, a Help Desk Executive has been appointed specifically to guide the clients enrolled under this program. The Help Desk Executive is available at the reception throughout the week from morning till evening and also available on call. This executive assists the clients by arranging consultations for them as well as supports them in availing the benefits, using the Health card provided by the organization. Apart from the help desk executive, the clients are also provided with a toll free number to give their feedbacks and submit their queries or complaints.

Experience of Customers

One of the beneficiaries, Faheen Unnisa, wife of Mohammed Ahmed who lives in Idgah Mohallah in Kanakapura (Karnataka) said her family benefitted from the healthcare card. "We've really benefitted from the Healthcare card. My sister had to undergo kidney operation twice and we could save Rs.40,000 in hospitalization expenses," she said and her sister Nai Munnisa too is grateful that the card enabled her to fight back the kidney problem.

Gulzar,35, wife of Akram Pasha, 40, has enrolled her son Salim Pasha, 20, and her daughter Ambrin Fatima, 18, under the health insurance provided by Grameen Koota. Implemented in collaboration with M.D. Sachidananda Murthy Hospitals, the family of four have paid Rs.235 each and could avail Rs.24,000 worth cashless hospitalization over the period of one year.

Gulzar said the healthcare card helped when her son was suffering from typhoid and when her daughter was down with cholera and tansillitis recently. She said, "We've got them admitted in Mata Hospital where their medical expenditure was taken care of fully." Zarina Taj, 38, wife of Ahmed Pasha, echoed similar view when she said the healthcard was helpful in the times of ill health or medical contingency. "My husband underwent operation for piles and we have availed the cashless hospitalization," she said.

Health Camps

To enhance the healthy living standards of its clients and their families, Grameen Koota regularly conducts health camps in its operational areas and encourages them to inculcate healthy habits in their lives by educating them on health and hygiene issues. This program is an effort to ensure that the clients and their families do not get burdened with the heavy medical expenses due to sudden hospitalization and health related issues and resort to other informal sources of money which are very expensive and risky, hence support them with health security.

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