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Savitha1Savitha, 28, educated up to 8th Standard, has been a member of Grameen Koota for over eight years and her tryst with goat farming began when she bought a goat four years ago with a loan amount of Rs.7,000. She never looked back after her decision to invest in goat farming.

Next year, Savitha took another loan of Rs.10,000 from Grameen Koota and invested it in buying more goats adding up to the number of goats in her farm in front of her house. “I bought one goat four years ago and now I own 45,” says Savitha with pride.

“With two pregnancies each year, goats increase in number every year, adding 2 to 3 kids every time,” said Savitha, whose husband Shivaswamy is into agriculture. ”If given given good food, they give birth to even three kids in each pregnancy,” she explained.

Savitha has three children, Rakshita, Akshita and Prasanna aged 13, 11 and 9 years respectively and all of them go to school, thanks to their livelihood income from goat farming, which comes handy to pay the school fee for three children.

“Each goat sells at Rs.7,000 to Rs.8,000 and during the emergency, selling a goat is a very reliable source of quick money,” said her husband Shivaswamy. “Goat farming is the best bet for us,” says Savitha sitting in the midst of her goats in front of her house.

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