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Mufeeda Begum


Mufeeda Begum, 36, from Kanakapura in Karnataka, was born in a family that owned sericulture business. She saw her father and brother handle silk-weaving machines at home.

After her marriage, the experience came in handy as she wanted to set up her own sericulture unit. Mufeeda soon joined Grameen Koota along with her neighbours and borrowed loans to buy a hand-weaving machine initially. She buys cocoons from the local market and makes raw silk using her machine.

Her husband takes it to Proddutur in neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh for sale in an open auction. In her 11 years of association with Grameen Koota, Mufeeda has grown more confident. She currently employs two labourers as well.

“During the peak season that lasts for 3 months, we earn Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000, which is sustainable as it keeps the machine running throughout the year,” said Mufeeda, revealing her plan to buy a 4-head automatic machine soon.

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