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Dodda Tayamma

tayammaDodda Tayamma, 45, from Kanakapura in Karnataka has been a member of Grameen Koota for 15 years and she vividly remembers the day when local branch staff visited her and taught her how to sign and gave her the first lessons in financial literacy.

Since Grameen Koota was the first financial institution she knew in the area, she is proud of her long association with them. To begin with, she took loans in the initial years for her small tea and condiments business on the roadside. After her daughters are married off, Tayamma took to dairy farming four years ago.

With Grameen Koota loans, she bought two cows and now she earns Rs.400 to Rs.500 daily. She lives in a small land-holding on a hill-side where her husband and son work.

After the dairy venture, Tayamma moved into sericulture. As mulberry plants are grown in her land, she has taken Grameen Koota loans to buy silk worms which are reared in a thatched shed nearby. “The seeds are sold six times in a year and there is a constant flow of money,” said Tayamma, explaining her sericulture business.

Tayamma exudes confidence about her business and she knows all the loans and the banks which provide them. She is aware of the incentives given to women in several banks and is confident to make her business grow further.

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