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Individual Retail Finance Loans

In 2016, Grameen Koota introduced individual retail finance loans on a pilot basis for those customers who have been with us for at least three years and fulfil certain other eligibility criteria linked primarily to their credit history with Grameen Koota, income and business position. This loan category targets customers who are more entrepreneurial, have graduated from the JLG model and are capable of taking larger loans in their individual capacity. The loans are offered to customers to establish a new enterprise or expand an existing business in their individual capacity, for purchase of inventories, machinery or two-wheelers.

There are three categories of individual retail finance loans:

· Grameen Udyog Loan: This is the flagship product under our Individual Retail Finance Loan Products and is given to customers who require more credit in their individual capacity to expand an existing business;

·  Grameen Savaari Loan: This is given to customers to purchase a two-wheeler which will provide support for income generation activity; and

·  Grameen Suvidha Loan: This is a top-up loan given to customers to meet additional credit needs and is usually given for the upkeep of assets or inventory related to business.

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