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Navya Disha

Navya Disha, a registered charitable Trust, is a partner of Grameen Koota Financial Services Pvt Ltd (GKFSPL) to implement the corporate social responsibility (CSR) with an aim to empower people belonging to poor households to help them secure respectable livelihoods while ensuring environmental sustainability and gender equality. Navya Disha’s head office is located in Bangalore and has two branches at Tumkur & Belgaum. It has a dedicated specialized team of twenty members who are experts in water, sanitation, education, rural development and environment.

Since its inception, in the year 2005, through its various programs Navya Disha has been striving towards empowering communities by promoting healthy practices and sensitizing them by providing adequate information regarding their rights, roles and responsibilities towards education, health, environment, facilities provided by the government as well as the available livelihood opportunities.

Navya Disha works in the operational areas of Grameen Koota by building awareness through various campaigns, Kendra level trainings, street plays, taluka level workshops, masons’ training, training Gram Panchayat members, wall paintings in villages, group trainings, training school children, trainers’ trainings for Grameen Koota staff, etc.

Navya Disha has also partnered with different associations such as, FINISH (Financial INclusion Improves Sanitation and Health), FWWB (Friends of Women's World Banking), Better Future, etc, to carry forward its objective by working on different projects including water and sanitation, healthcare and education programs.

The projects Navya Disha conducts are:

Water & Sanitation Program

Navya Disha has been implementing Water & Sanitation Program in the operational areas of Grameen Koota, for its clients, to encourage hygienic practices among them by building awareness on water & sanitation and motivating them to construct toilets of their own, have own water connections at their houses, build rainwater harvesting systems and safe disposal of waste though biogas plants, composting & solid waste management programs.

To make its efforts sustainable, Navya Disha closely works with Grameen Koota in mobilizing loan funds required by the members along with free technical help for constructing toilets and getting water connections, to attain total sanitation in as many villages as possible.

Sugrama Project 

Initially Navya Disha’s initiatives to promote good Health and Hygienic practices were limited to Grameen Koota beneficiaries. In order to achieve 100% sanitation coverage in all the target areas to create a model, Navya Disha is extending these services to the entire village community with its new project - Sugrama.

This is an effort to reach the households which have remained unreached till now and ensure that all the people in these villages imbibe hygienic practices, have access to adequate safe drinking water, facilitated with proper waste disposal systems and making the villages open defecation free.

Before going ahead with this project in all the areas, Navya Disha is implementing this project on a pilot basis in two of the most underdeveloped Grama Panchayaths in Karnataka - Urdigere Grama Panchayath in Tumkur District and Vantamuri Grama Panchayath in Belgaum District.

Health Care Program 

To improve its beneficiaries’ healthy living standards, Navya Disha regularly conducts health camps, educates them about health and hygiene and also encourages them to inculcate healthy habits.

In order to protect its beneficiaries from high indebtedness due to sudden hospitalization and health related issues, Navya Disha in association with Grameen Koota facilitates the clients and their families with quality medical services at low cost as well as immediate cashless in-patient treatment at its network hospitals. This is an effort to ensure that the family does not get burdened with the heavy medical expenses, hence provide them with health security.

The Buzz Bus 

Buzz Bus is a one of a kind initiative put together by Better Future and Navya Disha with an aim to empower women entrepreneurs at the grass root level by making education mobile, localized and accessible by all. Buzz Bus is a mobile academy consisting of a fully equipped mini-bus with trainers imparting education to the women entrepreneurs.

This unique platform strives to tap and empower rural potential by offering tailor-made, powerful solutions for personal and business growth to local women entrepreneurs in their own environment that are relevant to their unique situations, providing access to any kind of expertise, be it marketing their business or understanding nuances of business accounting.

SUSHIKSHANA : Child Education Program 

Navya Disha has extended its services to educate school children on specific subjects which are not part of our traditional education system. The main objective of this program is to create responsible future citizens by providing awareness on topics such as Child Rights, Water and Sanitation, Child Sexual Abuse, Financial Literacy and Waste Management & Environment.

Teacher led class room training sessions are conducted for children aged between 6 to 16 years belonging to government, private, aided and un-aided schools. At the end of the training, their knowledge is assesses by conducting various competitions. The training material is designed based on the age groups and keeping the busy schedule of children’s academic calendar in mind.

Also, under the project, WASH committees are formed per school or area, which includes local champions, students (boys and girls), parents and teachers.

SUJEEVANA - Struggling Members Program

The main objective of this program is to graduate struggling members of our society from extreme poverty by giving them access to the mainstream development programmes, in order to make the improvement in their livelihood sustainable.

Struggling members are the ones who are at the lowest level (Maslow's Theory) in the hierarchy of needs. These needs are the most basic yet vital ones without which it’s tough for a person to survive, such as food and water. These people struggle to meet these fundamental needs of life. They are too poor to avail benefits from traditional development interventions such as microfinance. Thus, under this program such members and their families are assisted initially with support for food & medicine along with capacity building trainings. These members are helped in starting their own income generating activity and made stable enough to become potential microfinance clients.

Other Activities

Apart from these activities, Navya Disha also promotes the art of making handicraft items by providing financial support to the people gifted with such talents. Navya Disha also provides scholarships to deserving children of its beneficiaries for their studies to encourage education among children belonging to poor families.



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