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Client Protection

Social Responsibility to Clients

Grameen Koota believes in being socially responsible to all its clients, therefore we ensure that the terms and conditions of all financial products including interest rate on reducing balance, processing fee, insurance premiums, service tax, etc are fully disclosed and clearly explained to our clients before they accept loan applications.

Additionally, our staff members are trained to communicate effectively with all our clients, ensuring that they understand the product and are fully aware of the terms of the contract, their rights, and their obligations.

We also have a written code of business ethics that spells out Grameen Koota's organizational values and the standards of professional conduct expected from all staff members.
Grameen Koota has a robust grievances redressal mechanism which includes a dedicated officer attached to the Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) and we also have a toll free telephone number devoted solely to address grievances.

Smart Campaign

We are committed to protect the rights of our customers and protect them from possible dangers. To this end, we endorse the Smart Campaign, a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal: institute client protection to serve their clients better and strengthen the microfinance industry.

As per the Smart Campaign's Client Protection Principles, we strive to maintain high ethical standards in our interactions with our clients and to employ the necessary means for safeguarding the rights of the clients in all levels of our operations. The staff members are being trained on the ethical standards, and we make sure that each employee understands when and how these standards are applied.

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