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We value the opportunity to work with Indian and International Interns. Grameen Koota is committed to provide an experimental learning opportunity to pre-professionals, students and other interested individuals. We believe that this process is the best way to create efficient leaders and professionals for the microfinance sector.

Interns should hold good academic background and experience in management, finance, public policy, economic and international development. However, we also encourage applicants from different backgrounds to apply.

Undergraduate and graduate students from India and abroad are encouraged to apply for short term internships.

At Grameen Koota, students gain experience in the microfinance sector by focusing on one of the following tasks:

  • Research based projects (e.g., impact evaluation)
  • Product development (e.g., new financial and insurance products)
  • Organizational development (e.g., assessing human resources structure)
  • Documentation (e.g., compiling newsletters and reports).

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