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Manjula Banglore

I am going to improve my business even more. My daughter will never have to wonder what it is like to be educated.


Manjula was orphaned at 14 and at 20, she was deserted by her husband after 2 years of marriage. Though a single parent, Manjula has turned her life around to build a stable environment for her daughter.

She began as a daily wage laborer at a garments factory. The income she received was sufficient to meet the basic needs of the two, but not enough to create a good future for her daughter.

When she took her first loan of Rs. 10,000 from Grameen Koota, she used it to purchase a sewing machine. During the day she would work at the factory and through the night she would stitch clothes on her new machine. Selling these clothes brought additional income to the household. With her second loan from GK, she invested in a zigzag machine that allowed finer artistry on her clothes. Soon she was servicing tailoring orders from shops in the vicinity and no longer required to work at the factory. Today, through microfinance, she has developed her tailoring enterprise to provide employment opportunities for others in her community.

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